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Welcome to Sodo Pianos

Piano Tuning, Service, Repair, Restoration, and Rebuilding for the Greater Seattle Area

  Sodo Pianos is a collaboration of a select group of piano service providers from the Seattle and Eastside areas.  We are Steinway specialists but are also experienced in other high end pianos as well as the average piano found in most homes.  We have extensive experience in providing concert service, in-home service, and institutional service including:

Tuning and concert tuning by ear, repairs, regulation, voicing, action rebuilding, pin block replacement, bridge re-capping, restringing, damper and back action replacement, soundboard repairs, soundboard and plate refinishing, etc. 

Contracts and service packages are available and customizable.  Payment plans can be arranged.  We also sell, rent, consign, and store pianos.

We look forward to working with you!  To make an appointment or ask any question call 1-425-298-5440 or email

To learn more about the qualifications of Paul Burleigh and the technicians/businesses Sodo Pianos is collaborating with please visit the Bios page.

The Restoration Center/Showroom is located at 3429 Airport Way South #12A, Seattle, WA 98134--by appointment only.