Sodo pianos works closely with other technicians and businesses to help provide a complete and robust service to our clients. 

Sodo Pianos / Paul Burleigh

Education / A-sharp Piano
I am the primary technician for Sodo Pianos.  I hold a Bachelors degree in music on piano.  Following College I tried my hand at teaching but it didn't really click for me.  I then went to work for a record company for about 5 years until I decided to get back into pianos.  I studied the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology and got my first piano job at A-sharp piano rebuilding with Rich Pierro in New Jersey. 

Steinway and Sons-NYC
A year after that I applied at Steinway and Sons in New York and held a job there for almost 8 years.  While at Steinway and Sons I worked in retail, helped the concert department,  and maintained the selection room of Steinway B's (7') and D's (9') among other responsibilities.  In the end I have received training, qualifications, and experience beyond the average technician.  While at Steinway I serviced pianos at many prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Radio City Music Hall, The Village Vanguard and many more.

Sodo Pianos / Paul Burleigh
Since Moving to Seattle in 2010 I have worked for Sherman Clay (closed), Classic Pianos, and the Steinway Piano Galleries of Bellevue and Seattle in addition to building my own piano business. 

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Promet Restoration / Tynis Promet  -

Master restorer of pianos and antiques

Tynis Promet began restoring antiques at the National Maritime Museum, Tallinn, Estonia in 1983. As an apprentice to Ulo Ots, son of opera singer Georg Ots, his projects ranged from preserving artifacts and medieval furniture to the restoration of musical instruments. Further experience was gained by restoring 14th century antiques from the estate of Cesare di Spada at his Tuscan villa.

In 1989, Promet Restoration was established in San Francisco. Clients included:
      • Butterfield Auctions
      • Babey Moulton Design
      • Northumbrian Antiques
      • San Francisco Symphony
      • San Francisco Episcopal Church

Tynis relocated to Seattle in 2006 where he continues producing high quality work. Projects for private clientele include restoration of pianos, furniture, Victorian woodwork, boats and antiques. Known for attention to detail, Tynis has restored over 250 Steinway pianos.

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