Complete Piano Care

Piano Tuning, Regulating, Voicing, Cleaning, Case Polishing, Repairs, Rebuilding, and Refinishing for Seattle, Eastside, and Tacoma Areas.

Complete piano service is more than Tuning.  It's about protecting your investment and keeping the piano performing its best!  All major manufacturers publish maintenance recommendations that include tuning, voicing, regulation, and furniture (case) care.

Steinway Recommendations -http://www.steinwayshowrooms.com/service/caring-for-your-steinway


Tuning is performed as a hybrid with a tuning device and by ear. If the piano is severly out of tune the device will be relied on heavily.  In that situation a second tuning is recommended within 6 months . I (Paul Burleigh) was taught in Steinway and Sons in New York.  We simply were not allowed to tune with a machine at Carnegie Hall or other such venues.  The tuning itself is a slightly different tuning than is taught at the Piano Technicians Guild.  The Steinway style of tuning is typically found in most performance venues.


Regulation is the alignment of the parts inside the piano for optimal performance, control, and evenness of touch.  Voicing is the balance between the treble, tenor, and bass, bright, loud, or soft, and how even the piano sounds.  These processes will be executed with methodologies taught at Steinway and Sons in New York.


It has been my experience that unless you are doing furniture work every day the results are rarely satisfactory.  In light of this I exclusively recommend/hirePromet Restoration for this work. Contact them directly or throught me.

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